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About Us

Energy Reductions is a Melbourne based company specializing in energy efficiency and solar solutions. We provided a wide range of products to homes and businesses with a key focus on cutting our clients energy costs as well as reducing their carbon footprint. 

The directors of the company have over 10 years experience delivering projects on both a residential and commercial scale having overseen the installation of more than 3 megawatts of solar projects.

Our holistic approach to energy reduction is evident through our wide range of offerings from energy efficient lighting including LEDs, hybrid air-conditioning and solar photovoltaic systems.

We offer a complete service from design, installation, warranty, maintenance and support. We use only reliable and sustainably responsible products that are proven to deliver long term results.

We are not like all of the other solar companies out there trying to sell you something that will not benefit you. All of our staff members come from a technical background in the solar and energy industry with a focus on offering you a tailored green energy solution.

We do not employ pushy sales people. Our core business value is to ‘under promise and over deliver’. We have a strong focus on customer service and understand the importance of going above and beyond. We continually strive to help our customers realize their own ‘Energy Reductions’.

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