Solar for Australian Businesses

3-5 year return on investment

Solar for Business

As a leader in the field we offer cutting edge solar technology backed by industry leading warranties. All of our systems are designed and installed by Clean Energy Council accredited persons. We offer a comprehensive service including client specific energy audits through to project delivery, testing and commissioning. We can also offer our clients’ ongoing service through our comprehensive operation and maintenance offerings that ensure your system will be optimally generating energy and cost savings for the life of the system.

Our commercial team specializes in projects from 10 kilowatts to 5 megawatts. We provide engineering, technical support and project management of the highest standards within the commercial solar sector.  We have experience satisfying the unique energy requirements of business needs, utility requirements and commercial building codes. In addition, we can also assist our clients in identifying incentives and rebates that currently exist to install solar systems.

One size does NOT fit all and we welcome the opportunity to assist in providing a tailored solution for your business or utility scale project.

 If your company’s annual turnover is less than $2 million, the solar system is tax deductible over 2 – 3 years.

 Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUAs). Many councils in Australia are now offering owners of existing buildings finance for sustainability improvements through EUAs. Under the agreement, owners of non-strata commercial and light industrial buildings can access funds from a finance provider for energy, water and other environmental improvements. The loans are repaid through the local council rates charge, so are considered to be low-risk by the financier. In commercial buildings, the cost of the upgrades may then be partly recouped from tenants, provided they are offset by reductions in energy and water bills.

Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs). These are available for a number of sustainability initiatives and can offset the cost of undertaking certain upgrades.

Electricity prices pose a real challenge for Australian Business’ and trends within the energy market indicate prices will only continue to rise.  Installing a Solar System will cut thousands off overheads and provide an opportunity to market your business as environmentally friendly. Other benefits include;

 3-5 year return on investment
 Immediate Cost Reduction
 Reduce Carbon Emissions & make a Visual Statement

 STCs and LGCs. Solar systems currently fall under the federal governments Renewable Energy target, and depending on the system size are eligible to create either small-scale technology certificates – STCs or large-scale technology certificates – LGCs. These are tradable certificates and we can offer a point of sale discount if you choose to assign these to us.

As part of our service we welcome the opportunity to provide a FREE fully customised proposal that considers your electricity consumption profile, your current and future electricity tariffs plus a full assessment of your facilities suitability for commercial solar power.

Our FREE proposal includes:

 System Yield
 Investment Return

 Equipment specifications
 Module layout


 Scope of Works
 Estimated monthly & yearly savings

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