Energy Efficiency Solutions

Free Energy Saving Products

Why We’re Australia’s Best

Energy Reductions provides a free service to help clients reduce their overall energy usage. We will conduct a site audit of your home or business and provide low cost, to no-cost energy saving solutions. 

As part of the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) there are numerous energy efficient products available, which we will supply and install FREE of charge. Call us today to arrange any of the free products listed below.

What We Can Do For You

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL’s)

Old incandescent light bulbs are a major contributor to energy consumption. So much so that they have been banned for importation to Australia. CFL’s use a fraction of the energy and will cut hundreds of dollars from your lighting costs. Make the switch to warm modern CFL’s.

LED Down lights

Halogen down lights are very costly to run with each globe using around 50 watts each. Our highly efficient LED’s give off excellent light output while only using up to 8 watts each.  These globes are rated to 25,000 hours and will not only cut hundreds of dollars from your lighting costs, you wont have to change a light bulb for years to come.

Energy Monitor

Our energy Monitor will connect to your smart meter and give real time data on your power usage. The display will show you how much power you are using on an hourly, daily weekly and monthly basis. By monitoring usage you can take control of the bill shock.

Chimney Balloons

We all know that hot air rises. Unused chimneys allow vast amounts of warm air to escape in winter.  Chimney Balloons act as a blockage and keep the warm air from escaping. They can be easily removed and replaced again if the need to use the fireplace arises.

Water Efficient Shower Heads

Standard Shower Heads use 20-25 Litres of water per minute where a water efficient head uses only 6-8 litres per minute. This saves the average house hold around 14,500 litres of water per year and will save hundreds of dollars per year on water and water heating.

Door Sealing Strips

The Gaps under your doors let cold draughts in and contribute to expensive fossil fuel intensive heating costs. Door seals will stop the draughts and help keep you warm in winter.

Standby power controllers

Many of your homes appliances such as computers, TV’S, DVD Players and Surround Sound systems still draw power when in standby mode. Standby Power Controllers automatically switch appliances off when not being used.

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