Hybrid Airconditioning

Keep cool this summer without the bill shock

About Hybrid Airconditioning

Energy Reductions has partnered with Independent Products to deliver cutting edge technology, which will dramatically reduce the overall running costs of your Air Conditioning system.

Our Difference

We will supply our FULLY qualified team members for your next project in order to calculate the size and type of HVAC solutions you require. Our team will provide a comprehensive report in conjunction with our project calculator that presents and delivers real cost savings on your project. Comprehensive studies have been performed in a variety of Australian cities. This system can achieve energy savings of an average 40% and can cut carbon emission by more then 35%.

IP Hybrid HVAC Solution has developed its product using the “Ultra-Cooler”method, creating a hybrid chilled-water evaporative cooling unit. The system delivers total air comfort for any season whilst using significantly lower energy usage compared to any conventional air-conditioning system. Fully reverse cycle capable, our system is able to produce heating and cooling for all building shapes and sizes.From Large industrial and apartments we have you covered. Our IP Hybrid HVAC solution is your number one choice in next generation heating and cooling.


5 year Warranty provided on domestic units and a 1 year warranty for all commercial units


Winner of NASSCOM Australia Innovation Award 2013

Highly-Commended Consensus Innovation Award 2013

 Selected as top 30 Australian Clean Technology Projects 2013

 Finalist Engineers Australia Excellence Award 2012 and 2013

 Finalist in the ARBS Industry awards 2014

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